~About Me~

My name is Ariel K. Moniz. I am a writer, poet, freelance editor, blogger, and English tutor. The written word has always been my greatest love.

I have been writing since I was first able to form written sentences at about six years old. My first “book” was completed not long after, a short series of notes and drawings about some of my favorite toys. I began writing stories in elementary school and dived into poetry in my early teens. Books and the process of writing have been my most trusted confidants, my most valued teachers, and my best friends.

I graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelors’ Degree in English and spent the following years working at local bookstores, traveling, and writing my heart out. I own far too many notebooks, have stuffed my digital space full of Word files, and have over 300 typewritten pages of poems, waiting for me to breathe proper life into them.

Join me on my journey as I write, read, get inspired, try to inspire others, and work my way towards my greatest dream— becoming a published poet and author.

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