Creative Projects


Working Title: The Heart of the Morning Star

Set in New Orleans in the late 1800s, the protagonist is a young woman whose father is the disowned heir of an oil tycoon and whose mother is a daughter of slaves. The story discusses matters of race, generational suffering, Black womanhood, and various branches of theology.


I am currently sifting through about 300 pages of poetry that touch upon topics such as mental illness, generational trauma, body acceptance, womanhood, physical illness, loss, heartbreak, friendship, personal growth, love, spirituality, race, and nature.


I am loosely working on a memoir about my time living in a serverly dysfunctional family. I hope that it will shed light on alcoholism, addiction, sibling rivalry, the loss of childhood, abandonment, escape, the meaning of familial bonds, poverty, “learned” womanhood, and the reality of growing up in a mythologized place, Hawaii.


I will be creating a writing prompt for every day of this year. I will be posting these prompts onto my social media channels as well as here on my blog.