I am fortunate enough to have been published in the following zines and anthologies.


War Crimes Against the Uterus: Poems of Resistance published by Wide Eyes Publishing

World on Trial: The Earth’s Grand Vengeance: A Collection of Protest Poetry published by Witches n’ Pink

Train River Poetry: Winter 2019 published by Train River Publishing


The Hauntings Issue of Blood Bath Literary Zine

Melody: Issue No. VI of Nightingale & Sparrow Literary Magazine


Falling In Love (And Other Spells Cast) & When Magic Is Spoken published in the October 2019 issue of Vamp Cat Magazine

“When A Monster Draws Near” in the October 2019 “Scream” issue of Pussy Magic

“Helter Skelter” on the Pussy Magic Blog

“Violet” and “When the World Asks How I Love” in the PRIDE 2020: The Bi Babes Issue of Pussy Magic

Guillotine in The Raven Review

“Habit(at)”, “Hunger and the Haunting”, and “The Pawn Shop” in Volume III of The Kraken’s Spire


Kanilehua Art & Literary Magazine: 2014-2015 Issue
~ Short Story: “The Hunt”
~ Poem: “Where the Heart Is”
~ Flash Fictions: “Mommy” and “Skin and Bones”

Kanilehua Art & Literary Magazine: 2015-2016 Issue
~ Short Stories: “The Awakening” and “Savannah”
~ Poetry: “The Bullet” and “As The Sky Falls”

Hohonu Academic Journal: 2014-2015 Issue
~ “Immortal Affairs”: An Analysis of Vampire Mythology
~ “Black Women in American Literature: Slavery Through Slave Narratives and Contemporary Fiction”
~ “The End of Days: Tales of Apocalypse Across Time and Space”

Hohonu Academic Journal: 2015-2016 Issue
~ “Being Native American in a Stereotypical and Appropriated North America”
~ “The Voice of a Culture: Folktales in Russia”


A highlight in the first issue of Mint Magazine

“What Love Is To Happiness” with Ink & Voices (no longer accessible)