September: The Rise of Autumn

September is here, and while it is one of my favorite months of the year, it is difficult to believe that it has already arrived! The summer storms are coming to a close, the beaches are emptying, and the long hours of golden sunshine are quickly shortening. It is always difficult to say goodbye to … Continue reading September: The Rise of Autumn

August: A Passing Summer

The beginning of August marks the slow dwindling away of Summer. The season has not yet come to a close and the days continue to swelter as the sunflowers bloom and the apples begin to take on a reddish hue. The harvest season begins, late summer storms meander across the countryside, and the first signs … Continue reading August: A Passing Summer

February: Love, Cliche, and the Poet’s Purpose

February is here! Winter is beginning to defrost, Spring is whispering from the near horizon, and it’s the month that reminds everyone that love is blessingly, cursedly inescapable. I didn’t try to shy away from the theme of love in this month’s prompts because cliche is a part of poetry, and making a familiar theme … Continue reading February: Love, Cliche, and the Poet’s Purpose